With the age of the internet, it has now become very easy to dispute inconsistencies on your credit report. Each credit bureau has a portal you can log in to that let’s you not only view your credit report, but also dispute any items on there.

How can I dispute something on my Experian credit report?

If there’s an issue with your credit report from Experian, the easiest solution is to head over to Experian’s Dispute Center on their website. Experian’s Dispute Center lets you create new disputes, check the status on disputes you have filed, and also get instructions on how to mail a dispute if you wish to do it by mail.

In order to open a new dispute, you will need to register for a free account at Experian. Signing up is very easy, and will give you access to a number of features:

  • Email notifications on dispute status.
  • Free Experian Credit Report.
  • Your report is refreshed every 30 days or any time that you log in.
  • Experian credit monitoring alerts – This is great because you will be alerted any time that there is a change in your credit report.
  • Free dark web surveillance report – You will be notified if they find your email, passwords, and credit cards on the dark web.

How can I dispute something on my TransUnion credit report?

As with Experian, you must register on TransUnions Credit Dispute Center. Once you have registered, you will be able to submit disputes for items on your credit report. Do note that unlike Experian, your credit report will not be free and will need to be paid for.

Also, TransUnion lets you file disputes via mail. Once they receive your dispute letter, they will send you a piece of mail after the investigation along with the results of the investigation.

How can I dispute something on my Equifax credit report?

The process seems to be the same for all three agencies, head over to Equifax Dispute Center and register for an account. Once you have registered, you can file disputes online for every item on your credit report. You will also be able to check the status of a dispute.

Just like with TransUnion, if you don’t already have a copy of your credit report, you will need to obtain your annual credit report because Equifax does not give you their report for free.

How long does a dispute on my credit dispute take?

Disputes can take between 30-40 days depending on which credit agency you are making the dispute on. The reason why this takes so long is because each credit agency will contact the creditor or debt collection agency that has made the mark on your report.

The credit bureau will ask the creditor/debt collector to verify the validity of the debt. They will need to either present a contract or any kind of document that legally ties you to the debt. In a lot of cases, a debt collector who has bought the debt from a creditor, might not have this information.

If the debt collection agency does not have this information, then the credit bureau will remove the item from your credit report, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which states that if a debt can not be validated, it must be removed.